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Uncharted Waters Origin

The year is 1522.

Many European nations were competing with one another. The stage for this competition was none other than the sea.

They became more powerful by finding new continents and forming allied ports as they traveled across the seas.

Portugal, located at the end of Western Europe and on the outskirts of the Iberian Peninsula, turned their sights to the ocean early on because of the geographical difficulty in exerting their influence in the Mediterranean.

Likewise, their neighboring rivals, España, created an invincible fleet known as the 'Armada' in order to aggressively expand their influence in both the Mediterranean and the ocean.

England also invested their royal funds and raised their national power for dominance over the seas, which was already controlled by España and Portugal. And the Ottoman Empire began to expand their influence in order to keep the European powers in check.

The passion to explore the unknown, the desire for endless riches, and the power to enrich the nation's glory.

With their own reasons, numerous people begin to set sail into the vast oceans.

  • João Franco

    Son of Leon Franco and an adventurer who seeks the open seas

    Young noble of Portugal. A kind man who plays the lute for anyone, but secretly dreams of a life filled with adventure.
    One day, he set out to sea to find the Kingdom of Prester John under the orders of his father to carry out the Franco family's will.

  • Catalina Erantzo

    A pirate who turned her back on the Español navy, in pursuit of the Franco family for revenge

    An ex-naval officer of España, who became the leader of the Red Hair Pirates.
    A daring and skilled individual who was appointed as a naval officer at the age of 18.
    After her brother and fiancé lost their lives to an attack by a mysterious fleet, she abandoned her military status to become a pirate.

  • Ali Vezas

    A merchant who set sail with the dream of becoming a billionaire

    Merchant of the Ottoman Empire. Although he was an orphan who lived in poverty at an early age, he grew up to have a strong sense of independence, courage, and intelligence.
    After obtaining a merchant ship by chance, he sets out to sea with the ambitions of becoming a billionaire through trading.

  • Otto Baynes

    A privateer who seeks to form a fleet that will crush the Español Armada in the name of his country

    A Knight of England. An earnest and loyal individual who is respected by the public as an example for all knights. He receives a secret order from the King of England, Henry Ⅷ, to become a privateer for the Empire.
    He sets sail to form a powerful fleet that can rival the Español Armada.

  • Ernst Von Bohr

    An adventurer who travels the world with the goal of drawing a world map

    Geography professor of the Netherlands. Tired of the monotony of academic life, he began to dream of becoming a man of the seas and living a life of adventure.
    He finally makes a deal with his close friend Mercator and sets sail to draw the perfect world map.

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